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About us

PapGen is simple and easy web-based solution to generate test papers instantly. We make it easy for you to conduct exams round the year Comfortably. Our remarkable solution will now generate test papers from the courses you taught and will suits your learner’s ability too. So, you will not be required to hire other resources who cannot do like this for you. PapGen allows you to add Fill in the Blanks, True-False, Multiple Choice, Matching column. short and long questions from selected units of your desired courses. You can also add total marks, time, exam type and by default the name of the school will appears at the top of your test paper. Our question bank is built on SLOs of each subject to assess the ability of students correctly.

PapGen charges the lowest prices to facilitates government schools and institutions as they charge low exam fees at the time of admission. Our prices are lower than the composing cast of your test papers. By reducing the cast of examination, the govt schools will be able to use quality paper for answer sheet and test papers in their limited amount of exam funds.